Why we want to change the energy systems

Because our energy system is not designed for future

Out electricity supply needs more than a quarter of the produced power for grid transport and deployment. Everyone who draws electricity from the public grid has to share these costs.

Our power grids are designed for central generation and long distribution distances what makes them susceptible to failure, expensive and unsuitable for renewable energy production.

Conventional power plants rarely have a connected waste heat utilisation system. So, more than 60% of primary energy input is wasted.

Coal and nuclear power plants cannot be regulated quickly. This is why far more than 6TW of wind energy is "curtailed" every year, i.e. temporarily switched off in favour of coal and nuclear power.

Our energy laws promoted monopolism and centralism. They make energy unnecessarily expensive, obstruct efficient solutions and undermine the competitiveness of SMEs.

The current situation of funding opportunities by the government for a conversion to self-sufficient supply is finally under reconstruction after a long period of neglect. So, we urgently need to turn now to a renewable future.

For economic as well as ecological reasons, it is not enough just to save CO2. We have to  limit our energy consuption. Those who ignore the symptoms of global warming and species extinction are destroying our livelihoods.