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Our Vision: Autonomous Energy for Small and Medium Enterprises

regenerative, independent, save, demand-driven and cost-cutting

What kind?

There is enough wind, sun or biomass everywhere, but not steadily.


Storage is the key for demand-oriented availability independent of the grid operator.
Co-operative Use is the key for high effziency.
Digitally managed distribution is the key for low costs.


More than a quarter of the electricity costs in Germany is caused by transportation and distribution.


This loss is paid by all those who do not generate their own electricity.

In 2023, possible capacity of 12TWh from regeneratve power was deactivated = not produced.
This is equivalent to the annual needs of a town like Hamburg. The tendency is rising

In addition, there are many other sources of loss that make energy more expensive and increase the risk of outages.

We want to prevent this waste.
We will replace uncertain price development by stable investment

How to do?

Regionally generated and stored, e.g. as hydrogen, it will be used again for gas, electricity and heat..


Day and night, on demand and clean, directly for your own company.
Used cooperatively in a local network, energy remains cheap and efficient.