From Project Definition to Your own Energy Supply

We proceed step by step and settle first goals and framework with the company. eG is independent and focusses on the benefit of our client.

We start with a project definition, then draw up a project outline followed by the start of implementation.

In the beginning of the implementation the selection of all neccessary technical systems and the search for all possible local partners for co-operation is done. Based on the project outline, the individual components and especially their interaction are planned.

This includes the energy sources, such as photovoltaics, wind and biogas, local line and distribution structures for electricity, heat and gas, as well as the storage facilities for gas, heat and electricity. We also rely on existing structures and facilities that can be integrated into the concept.

For the implementation we rely on speciaists having the best and latest technical systems found in market. Our consultants coordinate the interaction of the different components. To meet changing requirements and technical progress we rely on agile project management methods.

During operation, we use digital control of generators, storage facilities and consumers to operate the solution as efficiently as possible; a plus especially when several partners are cooperating

Finally your individually optimised en-solution will supply permanently clean energy - providing independence and future-oriented flexibility.