From sludge to green coal replacement

Biogas engines or fuel cells generate not only electricity, but also heat. For the energy transition to succeed, this heat must also be used. A PM fuel cell, for example, generates 40% of the energy used as heat, which can be used for heating, cooling or drying.  The decisive factor for efficiency is the year-round benefit, which can be achieved very easily, e.g. with downstream drying processes.

The topic of heat is ideal for cooperation between companies and municipalities in order to jointly increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of municipal heating planning.

For example, our partner Drynamic Concept offers a process that uses waste heat to dry sewage sludge. The construction effort is kept very low by using standard containers. The process is odourless and quiet. The result of the dried sludge is a granulate that can replace lignite in high-temperature processes in an environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral way.

The great advantage of Drynamic Concept's solution is that it does not involve any investment or costs for the company or municipality, but provides ongoing income. Only the location for the container has to be provided. The heat supplier is then remunerated for the heat provided.

We are also looking for other drying processes, e.g. for seaweed as insulation material.